New Items

Textured Square

Feeling Different?

Designed with a different perspective in mind, our Textured Square adds a visual appeal that is lacking on many shelves.  This new bottle combines a large and guarded label panel area with an attractive surface offering a subtle contrast.  Our 32oz/1 Liter OPET Textured Square is currently available in your choice of 28-400, 28mm Kerr Tamper-Evident or 32mm Bericap Tamper-Evident neck finishes.



Our super selection of sprayer ovals is sure to be the source of your sales surge!  These four bottles are available in 16oz/500 ml OPET.  Pictured from left to right: Millennium Twist Grip® (28-400), PBC Twist Grip® (28-400 and 28mm Ratchet), Pistol Gripper (28-400 and 28mm Ratchet) and Euro Twist Grip® (28-400 and 28mm Ratchet).

Reach For the Stars

Sophisticated in design and elegant in appearance, our Footed Bullet Top Boston Rounds are sure to combine charm and beauty with your products.  These OPET bottles are currently available in either 16oz/500 ml or 18oz capacities and provides either a 28-410 or 28-415 neck finish.


Veni, Vidi, Vici

Enticingly designed, the Roman Round bottles are the perfect choice to attract customers to your product!  Created in OPET, the 12oz version is available with a 24-410 or 24-415 neck finish.  The 32oz companion offers a 28-400 neck finish.  Both provide abundant decorating space for your brand to be proudly displayed.

The Right Foam at the Right Time

Do you have a foaming product?  Then we have what you are looking for!  Our new 140ml 43mm Foamer OPET Straight Sided Cylinder is specifically designed with foaming products in mind.

Make a Bold Statement

Help your product to jump off the shelf with our new 16oz/500ml Santa Fe Oval.  Offering a consumer-friendly design and generous label panel area, this bottle is sure to attract attention!  Produced in OPET and available with your choice of 28-410 or 28-415 neck finishes.


Think Inside the Box!

Are you looking for a container that’s ideal for packaging powdered or granulated products? One that has a large enough opening to comfortably reach the product inside? Then this is the container to look at! Our new 2 liter HDPE Wide Mouth Square features a 110mm Pano tamper-evident break-away ring, which is also available from Plastic Bottle Corporation. Minimums start at 24,960 pieces and is currently available in 80, 90 or 100gm weights.


Sierra Oblong

We now offer our popular Sierra Oblong in 16oz & 32oz/1 liter capacities. Produced in OPET, these bottles offer a liberal label panel area and feature finger grips on the sides to make consumer use easier.


Don’t Let Your Sales Taper Off!

The new 13.5oz 28-410 HDPE Reverse Tapered Oval from Plastic Bottle Corporation will enhance any product line with its sleek and attractive shape. Presenting a large label panel area and ergonomic design, this bottle will surely help to make your product more distinct and recognizable on the shelf.

aLook! On the Shelf! It’s a Bottle – It’s a Jug…

It’s the Super Grip Oblong and it is designed for a wide variety of functionality for the automotive, household chemical, food, industrial and pet care industries. Produced in OPET and currently available in 32 oz 28-400, 33-400, 48oz 38-400 and 64oz 38-400.

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