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28055 North Ashley Circle, Suite 110, Libertyville IL 60048-9635

Phone:   888-PBC-PINK (888-722-7465) | 847-367-1900

Fax:   847-367-1990    Email:  sales@plasticbottle.com   

For samples, pricing and information on any of our products, please contact the Plastic Bottle Corporation sales office at 847-367-1900 or  888-PBC-PINK  (888-722-7465).  Email us at sales@plasticbottle.com or fax us at 847-367-1990.

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All our containers are produced in North America.  Product samples (including but not limited to any and all bottles, caps, sprayers and labels) are provided to purchaser solely for testing and evaluation by purchaser.  It is the sole responsibility of purchaser to ensure that each product purchased is suitable for its intended use, and that the methods and means of filling, capping, dispensing, labeling, storing and otherwise utilizing the product or products, and shipping the product or products to the purchaser's customers or other intended users, are suitable in order to avoid any damage or other  adverse consequences, and Plastic Bottle Corporation hereby expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability in connection therewith.

Sizes, capacities and gram weights of products are subject to change by Plastic Bottle Corporation without notice.

All product samples are being provided to purchaser on the above terms and conditions.  The receipt by purchaser of any product samples constitutes purchaser's agreement to these terms and conditions.