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Parisian Oval

This beautifully shaped bottle can accommodate a variety of personal care products and was designed for the 1 1/2 " 22-400 Flip-Top dispensing closure from Zeller Plastics.  It is also available in a 24-410 neck finish.

TheChoice is Clear

Plastic Bottle Corporation proudly presents four new bottles: the 400ml 5th Avenue Oval, 15oz Venetian Oval, 400ml Venus Round and the 15oz Capitol Round.  All of these bottles are available with 24-410 and 24-415 finishes. 

Sweet Liberty

Plastic Bottle Corporation created the Liberty Oblong and offers the most comprehensive family of sizes, from 6oz to 17 oz in a variety of materials such as BAREX®, HDPE and PVC.

Ready, Steady, Go!!

The Steady Grip® Offset Neck Oblong sets the new standard for fuel additive plastic bottles.  Plastic Bottle Corporation has the largest selection of automotive additive bottles and is continuously increasing its product line.  The Steady Grip® Offset Neck Oblong is currently available in 12oz and 18oz capacities. The 12oz offers 22-400 and 33-400 neck finishes and the 18oz companion offers a 22-400 neck finish.  Both sizes are produced in PVC.

OPET, OPET, Wherefore Art Thou?
The OPET Ringed Carafe is produced in a true 1 liter and a 32oz capacity bottle.  We have expanded our OPET sprayer oval line with the 22oz Pistol Gripper Sprayer Oval and the 32oz/1 liter Rounded Pistol Grip Sprayer Oval.  Further extending our popular Twist Grip® bottles (26oz also available in PVC). Some of these OPET bottles are offered with both 28-400 or 28mm Ratchet neck finishes.

Taper Down Your Choices

The Soft Tapered Oval is offered in HDPE and is available in 2oz with 20-410 and 20-415 neck finishes; 4 oz 24-415 neck finish, 8oz with 24-415 and 24mm special neck finish for a Mushroom flip-top closure.

Bella Means Beautiful

The HDPE Bella Round is produced in a 2oz size with a 20-410 neck.  The 6oz is in a 24-410, 24-415 and a neck designed to accommodate Aptar's 24mm Jazz Sprayer.  All necks and sizes are available for ordering and samples.

In Need of Attention?

The Hybrid Round is available in 16oz and 500ml with a 28-400 neck finish. In addition, this bottle is available in 32oz and true 1 liter capacities with 28-400, 28-410 and 28mm Ratchet neck finishes.  The Hybrid Round family is produced in OPET.

The Choice is EZ

The EZ Grip Oblong is another of our unique bottle designs.  With four sizes to choose from, the EZ Grip Oblong is produced in HDPE and is available in 24-410, 24-415 and 28-400 neck finishes. 

Your Wish is Our Command

The Genie Round family is currently available in 2oz and 4oz sizes with a 20-410 neck finish and a 9oz 24-410 companion size.  These bottles are available in PETG and PVC.

Get a New Grip on Your Product Line

Our 32oz OPET Rounded Pistol Grip Sprayer Oval is available with 28-400, 28-410 and 28mm Ratchet necks.  The 40/42oz 28-400R HDPE size has been joined by a 22/24oz 28-400R and 28mm Ratchet HDPE companion.

Keep Your Eye on This One

The Ocular Oval has a 24-410 neck finish and can be produced in HDPE, LDPE and MDPE.

No More Trial and Error

Whether you're looking for a way to introduce your product on a "trial" basis or simply add a new size to your product line, Plastic Bottle Corporation has the solution.  Our 8oz / 250ml 28-400R Rounded Pistol Grip Sprayer Oval is available in PETG, PVC and HDPE.  The HDPE version is also available with 28-410 and 28mm Ratchet neck finishes.   This bottle is  a complement to our 32 oz ./ 1 liter OPET and our 24oz or 40 oz HDPE companions shown below.

Best seller Twist Grip® 2000  - 4 bottles - 4 capacities - 1 height

 The Twist Grip® 2000 line is produced in HDPE with a 28-400 ramp neck finish. The Twist Grip® 2000 line gives you exceptional shelf presence.  The label panel is wide, providing a surface for your eye-catching graphics.  Available in 16oz/500ml, 24oz/750ml, 800ml and 32oz/1 liter.  These containers are a uniform height of 7.40 inches. 

Strengthen Your Product Line

The Olympian Oval is produced in OPET and is currently available in 2, 5, 6 and 8oz capacities.  All sizes are available with both 410 and 415 finishes.

Mix it up!

The OPET Jubilation Round has a sleek design and the MXR Round offers decorative flutes above and below the label area.  Both bottles have true liter capacities and are available in both 28-400 and 28mm tamper-evident Berry-Kerr neck finishes.

HDPE F Style Jugs

We have Straight-Handled F Style Jugs in 16, 24, 32 and 64oz capacities.  We have to ability to view stripe, pressure sensitive label, sleeve label and use recycled content (PCR).  Custom colors are not a problem.  For something a little different, take a look at our Slant Handle F Style Jugs, which are available in 24 and 32oz capacities.  Minimum order quantities vary.

A Pinch of Freshness

Our 30oz HDPE Pinch Grip Square has a built-in grip for easy use and an 89-400 neck finish which is friendly to many shaker, sifter and other dispensing closures.  Minimums start at 5,000 pieces.

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