Think inside the box

The 2 liter HDPE Wide Mouth Square features a 100mm Pano tamper-evident break-away ring.  Minimums start at 24,960 pieces and the bottle is available in 80, 90 or 100gm weights.

The right foam at the right time

Do you have a foaming product?  Our new 140ml 43mm Foamer OPET Straight Sided Cylinder is specifically design for foaming products.


These four bottles are available in 16oz 500ml OPET.  From left to right: Millennium Twist Grip® (28-400), PBC Twist Grip® (28-400 and 28mm Ratchet), Pistrol Gripper (28-400 and 28mm Ratchet) and Euro Twist Grip® (28mm-400 and 28mm Ratchet).

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Sierra Oblong

The Sierra Oblong is available in 16oz and 32oz/1 liter capacities.  Produced in OPET, this bottle offers a large label panel area and features finger grips to make consumer use easier.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

The Roman Round bottle is created in OPET.    The 12oz bottle is available with a 24-410 or 24-415 neck finish.  The 32oz companion offers a 28-400 neck finish.  Both provide abundant decorating space.

Reverse Tapered Oval

The 13.5oz 28-410 HDPE Reverse Tapered Oval features ergonomic design and a large label panel area.

Look!  On the shelf!  It's a bottle - it's a jug . . .

It's the Super Grip Oblong and it's a versatile container for the automotive, household chemical, food, industrial and pet care industries.  The Super Grip Oblong is produced in OPET and is available in 32oz 28-400 and 33-400, 48oz 38-400 and 64oz 38-400.

Make a bold statement

With its consumer-friendly design and generous label panel area, the 16oz/500ml Santa Fe Oval is sure to attract attention.  The Santa Fe Oval is produced in OPET with your choice of 28-410 or 28-415 neck finishes.

Reach for the stars

Sophisticated in design and elegant in appearance, our OPET Footed Bullet Top Boston Rounds are available in either 16oz/500ml or 18oz capacities with either a 28-410 or 28-415 neck finish.

Feeling different?

Designed with a different perspective in mind, our Textured Square  combines a large and guarded label panel area with an attractive surface. The 32oz/1 liter OPET Textured Square is currently available in your choice of 28-400, 28mm Kerr tamper-evident or 32mm Bericap tamper-evident neck finishes.

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